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DAY OF NOA | Short Film

Title:  DAY OF NOA (2016)
“Fight Against A. I. Trafficking of Humanity.”

Run Time – Genre:  25-30 mins.  Sci-fi, Suspense, Short
Release Date:  November 2016

Description:  In this story based on current events and technology, Ava and her students fight to protect a secret world that inhabits artificial life. However, all things must come to an end, which does not exclude the fate of A.I.

Directors:  Adam Williams, Warren Jackson
Writers:  Adam Williams
Stars:  (private)

Main Cast
Ava  – Teacher: Tan-skin, Young Adult Female
James – Student: Teenager Male
Marianna –  Mother: Brown-skin, Adult Female
Dr. Trevino – Father: Peach-skin, Adult Male
Jake – Agent: Young Adult Male
Sim:1 – A.I. Being: Adult Female (Voice Only)
Pat – Wanderer: Adult Male
(Please inquire for Extras cast roles)

Story Line
At a school founded by a renown scientist, Ava and her students invent an A.I. virtual world called NOA. Suddenly an evil corporation kidnaps the class, yet the students escape by their clever inventions. This is all until James, Ava’s smartest student, betrays everyone at the most chaotic moment in human history.
With the race against time of a terminal illness, will the artificial beings ultimately save them from evil that lies ahead? Experience this suspenseful journey as we discover the paralell world while realizing their own fate.

Production Mission
We have a mission to use true events and current trends to bring a film experience that illustrates the relation of our world and the virtual-world humans designed; with our designed-world and the unknown. In result, your perspective of the present-life will broaden. Before studying any theory of intelligent design, it is highly recommended to watch this high concept film first; in this Stephen Spielberg-like approach to combine sci-fi with real stories of our unknown world today. Note: Noa is a common Israel female name that originates from the female Noa in the bible; which means (a new) movement.
Teens LOL TV’s mission is to employ youth to inspire their peers through media.

Movie Casting Call

Private Casting Call Info

          For this production we are hiring actors and extras that are interested in playing a role in this short film with a mix of sci-fi and faith. Those who qualify will receive incentives vary from monetary, credits, and more. Professionalism is required and everyone will have to audition. Please Contact: Adam@teenslol.com

  • By appointment only beginning July 2016
  • Auditions will be appr. 5mins each. No monologues required.
  • We are looking for all ages, ethnicity, & genders.
  • (not required) If available, please provide comp cards (photos), resumes, & reels *all materials are non-returnable. 

Studio: Lansing Public Media Center
2500 S. Washington Ave.
Lansing, MI 48910

Find us at www.TeensLOL.tv

Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • July 2016 – introduction meeting and rehearsal, Private Auditions (as needed)
  • August 2016 – filming and local traveling
  • September through October – editing
  • November 2016 – private screening and submission